The Different Types Of Scars And Their Treatments

It goes without saying that a major fear and frustration that a number of people will have when it comes to any injury or severe wound is the risk of ending up with a scar just as soon as the wound is finished healing. Many people do not want to have any kinds of scars on their body, especially on the parts that will usually be exposed. There can be a lot of instances where someone will acquire a scar, as they are unavoidable for some injuries. Scars can form from deep wounds, especially the kind that come from accidents or surgeries. There are also a number of different scars and removal treatment that people may want to learn about while trying to keep their skin free of such blemishes.

Atrophic Scarring

This is the type of scar that will have a flattened appearance, pressed into the upper layer of the skin. The atrophic scar is sometimes looked upon as hyperpigmentation. This is a condition where the part of the skin that is scarred will appear a bit darker than the rest of the natural skin around it. The damaged tissue will often cause this, however the scar can fade with the right mediation or the passing of time.

Hypertrophic Scarring

This is another kind of scar that is elevated and raised in appearance, however this is a bit different from the kind of scar that is referred to as a keloid. This scar is characterized by the loss of some of the skin tissues, while at the same time building up extra skin that is accumulating over the wound as it has healed. This will make the scar appear to be elevated and raised, which can be treated with the help of silicone sheets.

Keloid Scars

A keloid scar happens to be one of the more common kinds of scars. It will have a thicker outer layer, appearing to be very raised and elevated. It will be much darker than the atrophic scars as well. This type of scar will be difficult to treat and heal, yet a good way of working on it will be removing the keloid by way of surgery. However, this option can often cost a great deal of money.

Scar Contractures

These scars will come about from skin that has been burned. The scar will contract the skin, making it hard for the part of the body to be moved. This type of scar will also make the skin look damaged and it can cause normal nerve and tissue function to become disturbed.

Stretch Marks

Many people do not think of stretch marks as being a kind of scar, but they are. These are marks that appear from a burn, wound or excessive weight loss or weight gain. This is something that can easily happen during the teenaged years, or during pregnancy. There are a number of treatment options, including stretch mark removal creams.

Acne Scarring

While many do not want to think about it, acne problems can lead to acne scarring. Pimples and acne will not last for a life time, but they can leave behind scars when they are done and gone. Some of these acne scars can be hard to remove unless you take the steps to go through surgery.

These are the major kinds of scars and some of the treatment options. If you are looking for immediate scar removal, you will see that making an appointment at our high tech facilities, Revival Medical Clinic in Malaysia will be your best option for the ultimate in skin care and beauty treatments.

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