The Top Five Handbags Every Woman Needs

Malaysian women appreciate a good handbag because they never leave home without one. Handbags are used to carry everything a wom
an may need, including her wallet, her cell phone, her makeup, her keys and much more. A handbag helps a woma1_2d89740e-5fcf-429a-b680-fd6efc83d815_largen be prepared for anything that may arise when she is out of the home. Many men think that diamonds are a woman’s best friend; however, a woman’s best friend is actually her handbag. The handbag is considered the most important accessory in a woman’s fashion arsenal.

If you are considering purchasing a handbag for your special woman, check out Malaysia handbags online. There are many online stores that offer  img_6667_large a number of handbag styles to choose from. In addition to the variety, shopping online allows you to find the best discounted handbags in Malaysia.

Women often wear several different styles of handbags, depending on their personal style and the occasion. This is why most women have a number of handbags. Continue reading to learn the top five handbag styles that women of all ages love.

The Clutch

The clutch handbag is a small bag that is carried in t
he hand. Most clutches are not much bigger than a woman’s palm. This type of handbag is popular because they are easy to carry and look quite elegant. Clutches are often the chosen handbag when it comes to dinners and other formal events. At these type of events, a woman only needs to carry a few essential items, such as her keys, a tube of lipstick, her wallet and her cell phone. All of these will fit easily in a clutch.

Women also carry a clutch as a casual handbag when she is on the go. The clutch allows a woman to carry all of the essentials without being weighed down with a heavy

The Tote

The tote is a classic and is perfect for casual wear. This type of handbag features a large compartment where lots of items can be stored. Busy women often prefer this type of handbag because they can carry a large number of things, including their makeup, wallet, phone, keys and other important items.

The Weekender

The weekender bag is perfect for those who need to carry a change of clothes and other items with them. This bag is great to take to the gym, spa or on a weekend getaway. The weekender allows a woman to carry all of her essentials without bothering with a piece of luggage or a gym bag.

The Satchel

The satchel is a medium sized handbag that is more structured than a tote. These bags look elegant and have numerous pockets which allow a woman to carry many items and remain organized.

The Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag is slightly larger than a clutch and slightly smaller than a satchel. It comes with a longer strap so a woman can wear it comfortably on her shoulder. This handbag is the perfect size for many women.

As you can see, women need a variety of handbags. The type of handbag a woman will use will depend on where she is going, what she will be doing and what she needs to carry. Shop online to find the largest selection of Malaysian handbags.

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